Kate Petley

Gallery Affiliations: Turner Carroll Gallery, Robischon Gallery

Region: West

Website: http://www.katepetley.com

City / State: Longmont, CO

I’m interested in the sweet spot where my handmade marks intersect with digital technology. I coax layered patterns into arrangements with multiple references. My work is mediated and reconsidered through a complex process in which painting is combined with resin and digitized. None of these pieces is altered or created using Photoshop. While digital technology is necessary to reproduce the handmade marks, I remain committed to an authentic response that integrates the automatic distance involved. The viewer is pulled into hybrid imagery that seems natural now. The suggestive range of difference from piece to piece is deliberate.

The reading of a simple mark, pattern, line, or color has many influences. In these resin panels, abstracted immediacy and emotional connections are turned inside out. Everything is still there . . . the primal mark, experience, and distance. I hint at specific circumstances using deep, flat space. The perfected surface hypnotically holds color that conveys coolness, acidity, endlessness, purity. Seen as a whole, my work is unified by a profound wonder at the shifting conditions of our everyday world.